Ryan Flack, General Manager

Jeff Ulvedal, PGA, Head Golf Pro

Jeff Ulvedal is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Ptarmigan Country Club.  Jeff is a Colorado native whose roots in golf date back to the 1920′s and 1930′s.  His grandfather was a golf professional in Montana whose claim to fame was teaching Chief Two Guns White Calf (the model for the Buffalo Head nickel) how to play golf.  Jeff’s career began in the mid 1990′s at Sedona Golf Resort and has worked at some of the finest facilities in Arizona and Colorado.  Jeff’s family (Jeni, Skyler, and Keegan) has a true love and appreciation for the outdoors.  When they are not at work, school, or playing sports, they head for the hills!  Jeff is excited to be part of a team at such a wonderful facility. Contact Jeff

Scott Robbins, CGCS Superintendent

Scott Robbins is the Certified Golf Course Superintendent and has held this position since 1985. He has been responsible for everything from construction to irrigation installation and turf establishment before taking over management of the daily maintenance operation. Scott grew up in southern Illinois before getting his A.A.S. degree in Golf Course Management at Western Texas Collage (WTC) in 1977. He was also a two-year member of the WTC golf team and President of the Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association in 1993. Prior to Ptarmigan, Scott built his work experience at the WTC campus and the Green Tree Country Club in Midland, Texas. Scott takes great pride in what he does and feels fortunate to be in a business that he truly enjoys and that has been so good to him. Contact Scott

Piper Dietz, Executive Chef

Paul (Piper) Dietz is our Executive Chef. Piper started at Ptarmigan in January 2006. Initially, he began in the kitchen as our Sous Chef, and later transitioned into the Executive position in the summer of 2015. An “almost” Colorado native, Piper grew up with a passion to show his creativity through food. Upon finishing high school at Poudre, he began officially training to become a chef. In his free time, Piper is a “foodie” who loves to experience new restaurants and is continually expanding his knowledge of the trade. When he is not at work, you can find him on the water or trying his hand at golf. Contact Piper

Patrick Schnaidt, Director of Food and Beverage

Patrick Schnaidt is our Director of Food and Beverage and has played an essential role at Ptarmigan since the Fall of 2004. He takes great pride in making sure all of the Ptarmigan members are well cared for each time they visit the Club. After working here for so long, he truly feels like he is hosting his friends every day. He feels blessed to be a part of such a wonderful place. Contact Patrick