PMGA Officers

PMGA President – Jeff Lund

PMGA Vice President – Bryan Gooch

PMGA Treasurer – Linc Turner

PMGA Handicap Committee

Cary Sanders

Doug Johnson

Jim Benshoof

PMGA Information

2024 Event Schedule

Click an event below – because many of our events fill quickly, we encourage you to sign up for any or all events now on ForeTees. Call the Pro Shop at 970.226.6600 if you have any questions!

February 3rd - PMGA Poker Tournament

PMGA Poker Tournament

Texas Hold’em

Starts @ 11:00

Cost: $35 (Includes Entry Fee and Lunch)

February 26th - PMGA Indoor Putting

PMGA Indoor Putting

Putting Course around Clubhouse

Starts @ 5:00

Cost: $30


Annual indoor putting event. We turn the clubhouse into a putting/wedge course. Teams will be selected by the Golf Shop but if you want to be paired with someone please put it in the notes. Also if you have another twosome that you would like to compete against please put that in the notes as well.



March 23rd - PMGA Mulligan Madness

PMGA Mulligan Madness

Saturday, March 23rd
10AM Shotgun

    • Individual Stroke Play with a twist. Each player is allowed 1 mulligan per shot but once a mulligan is in play it must be played. Flights will be determined by Handicap Index. A Mulligan must be dropped in the general area but may be placed on the putting green.
  • HANDICAP 100% of Course Handicap
  • ENTRY FEE $40 per player
    • $10 Skins Game – Optional (Cash)
    • $5 – Gross Skins
    • $5 – Net Skins
  • GROUPS Threesomes for Pace of Play
  • TIES Scorecard Playoff
  • RULES U.S.G.A. Rules will govern all play with the exception of
    the local rules listed on the back of your scorecard. No
    one ball rule.
  • Lunch will be delivered on Course

GGID = PMGAMadness24


April 13th - Masters Match Up

Masters Match Up

Saturday, April 13th
10AM Shotgun

Cost: $15 per Member

Format: 2 Player Net Scramble Paired with PGA Pro’s Saturday Score. 

Auction Friday Night at 5:30pm in the Bear’s Den/Patio



April 27th - PMGA Icebreaker

PMGA Icebreaker

Saturday, April 27th
10:00pm Shotgun


  • The Icebreaker is the annual kickoff event for the Men’s Association schedule. The format will be “Double 2 Man Best Ball Rotation” for a fun, low pressure event to start the season!
  • Team members are ranked by handicap index, A, B, C, D.  This cannot be altered.
    • Holes 1-6 teams are A-B, C-D
    • Holes 7-12 teams are A-C, B-D
    • Holes 13-18 teams are A-D, B-C
  • Each two man team produces a net best ball score for every hole. Those two scores are combined to produce a total team score!

May 1st - Team and Individual Match Play Begins

PMGA Individual and Team Match Play

Begins Wednesday May 1st

$30 per player (Individual and Team)

PMGA Individual Match Play will be a single elimination.

PMGA Individual Match Play Championship is a season long tournament

Players are responsible for the completion of their matches. If a match is not completed prior to the scheduled deadline, the match is officially scheduled to be held on that date at Ptarmigan Country Club. If one player does not show up he forfeits as a result.

The winner of each match is responsible for reporting the results of their match. To do so, please advance yourself on the bracket outside the Men’s Locker Room or email the results of the match to Chris Bowry at in the standard format (ex. 9 & 8, etc.).

The field will be put into brackets based on the field.  The bracket winners will enter the Championship bracket, which will be single elimination to crown the champion.

For Team Match Play, the field will be put into 4 brackets with 8/9/10 teams each.  The brackets will be a single elimination.  The 4 bracket winners will enter the Championship bracket, which will be single elimination to crown the Champion.

Starts May 2nd - TNL - Thursday Night League

PMGA Thursday Night League

Starts May 2nd
TNL – Team Match Play
Dinner & Drink specials will be available every Thursday evening in the Bear’s Den.
$175/Man – 2 Person
Team $125/Man – 3 Person

May 10th & 11th - North/South Cup PCC vs FCCC INTERCLUB

North/South Cup

May 10th & 11th
Ptarmigan Country Club vs. Fort Collins Country Club Interclub

Champions of the prior season

May 18th - PMGA Silo Stroke Play

PMGA Silo Stroke Play

Saturday, May 18th

8:30AM Shotgun

Individual Stroke Play – Flighted

GGID – 2024Silo


June 8th & 9th - BMW of Loveland Member/Member

BMW of Loveland Member/Member

Sat & Sun, June 8th & 9th
Calcutta- Two man create your own team

  • Two Day Event (Saturday & Sunday). 8:30 am Shotgun both days.
  • Calcutta is Thursday Night at 7:00 pm.
  • Day 1 Format – Modified Chapman
  • Day 2 Format – 2 Man Best Ball
  • BLUE TEE FLIGHTS AND WHITE TEE FLIGHT (If you elect to play from the WHITE TEES, you will play against the other White Tee players. In order to qualify for the BMW US Finals experience, you must play from the BLUE TEES).
  • MAX 10 Shot Differential between partners

The 2024 PMGA BMW of Loveland Member-Member Champions

Michael Petti & Tyler Briggs

Event GGID = BMWMM24

CLICK HERE for Final Leaderboard



June 21st & 22nd - PMGA Ptrifecta

PMGA Ptrifecta

Friday & Saturday June 21st & 22nd

 Friday – Scramble Format

5:00PM Shotgun

Saturday – Best Ball & Chapman Scotch

8:30AM Shotgun

Two-man 9-9-9

Dinner Friday Night


July 13th - PMGA Jeffe’s Hot Ball

PMGA Jeffe’s Hot Ball

Saturday, July 13th
Four Man ABCD Teams
Lunch Included

This will be a ABCD 2 Net BB hot ball event.  Each player will have their own ball count for four holes with a MAX SCORE NET DOUBLE BOGEY.  You will combine that “hot” ball with the best net ball from your other partners.  Hole #8 and #10 will be BONUS holes as you can pick the best 2 Net BB of your group!

July 24th - 27th - PMGA PTRAP SHOOT


Wed to Sat, July 24th – 27th

On behalf of the PMGA Board, we would like to formally invite you to attend
this season’s premier Men’s event, the Ptrap Shoot. Each year this fantastic
event brings together our members to showcase our great club to family,
friends, and business associates from all over the country. The Ptrap Shoot
combines the best that golf has to offer in competition and social entertainment.
Considered one of the finest Member/Guest events in all of Colorado, the Ptrap
Shoot is sure to create another year of wonderful memories for all of its
participants. We look forward to your participation!

Two Man 45 Hole Tournament w/Matches
Multiple choices of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

This year’s entry fee is $1,450. If you are interested in playing, sign up on ForeTees by April
9th and send your check payable to the Ptarmigan Men’s Golf Association to:

PO Box 270786
Fort Collins, CO 80527

Checks must be mailed to the above PO Box and postmarked prior to April 9th, 2023. No
entries will be accepted at the Pro Shop or the front office. Cancellation Fee is $200.00 without a
lottery, $250.00 with a lottery.

August 10th & 11th - Ptarmigan Club Championship

Ptarmigan Club Championship

Sat & Sun, August 10th & 11th
Tee Times from 7:00 AM
2 Day – Individual Stroke Play


August 24th & 25th - Ptarmigan Senior Club Championship

Ptarmigan Senior Club Championship

Sat & Sun, August 24th & 25th
Tee Times from 7:00 AM
2 Day – Individual Stroke Play


September 7th & 8th - PMGA PFourman

PMGA PFourman

Sat & Sun, September 7th & 8th
Four Man Teams
$60/Man Plus More Wagering Options


  • Modified NET Stableford
    • Albatros – 8
    • Eagle – 5
    • Birdie – 2
    • Par – 0
    • Bogey – -1
    • Double Bogey – -3
  • Old School Calcutta – $100 per Man
    • (Optional “NOT REALLY”)

October 3rd - PMGA FLOG


Thursday October 3rd
3:30 PM Shotgun
ABCD Back 9 Backwards (Par 3’s)
$10 Cash
6:00 PM

October 11th & 12th Poudre River/ Clear Creek Classic PCC vs RHGC INTERCLUB

Poudre River/ Clear Creek Classic 

October 11th & 12th
Ptarmigan Country Club vs. Rolling Hills Golf Club Interclub


Holes in One information (HIO Insurance Program & HOI Insurance Program Rules and Regs) for the Ptarmigan Men’s Golf Association.

Terms of Competition