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Welcome to the golf course maintenance section of the web site!  Our goal for Ptarmigan is very simple.  Provide the very best playing conditions possible so you, the member, will enjoy a great golfing experience.   

I have been the golf course superintendent at Ptarmigan since 1985 and have been in the golf course maintenance business for over 30 years.  I received an Associate degree in Golf and Grounds Management from Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas and was a 2-year member of the college golf team. I was involved in the construction of 36 holes in Texas then moved to Colorado as Superintendent/Construction Site Coordinator at Ptarmigan.  In 1990 I passed the requirements to be classified as a Certified Golf Course Superintendent and have just completed another 5-year renewal.

My full time staff consists of Assistant Superintendent Dick Lorenzen of 20 years, Equipment and Facility Manager, Rick Thompson with 17 years and Irrigation Technician, Tim Kramer at 6 years with Ptarmigan.  The experience and knowledge of this staff enable us to meet the high standards expected by the membership on a daily basis.

The following section of the newsletter will keep you updated on golf course maintenance activities.  If you ever have questions on what we do or why please don’t hesitate to call at 970-226-0615, e-mail at or stop my staff or me on the course. 

Scott D. Robbins, CGCS
Certified Golf Course Superintendent


Can you remember the last round of golf you played?  It’s been so long I can’t either.  We have been covered with snow since the first of December and due to the cold temperatures it just didn’t go away this winter. 

WINTER-SPRING. March 1st it has finally warmed up enough to get out and start clearing greens.  Upon first inspection everything looks pretty good.  There are some minor patches of snow mold in the fairways and roughs but I haven’t seen any activity on greens.  Since we spray greens in the fall I am not concerned about snow mold but I would like to get the ice off the greens.  The potential for damage is more from the thawing and re-freezing cycle of the ice on the greens.  There’s no good method but chipping and shoveling when the temperatures get high enough to soften the ice.  The best part about the winter long snow cover is the protection if affords the turf.  We were lucky to have snow when we saw temperatures of –20 this winter. 

WEATHER. The snow pack through January is 113% of average on the Poudre drainage and 91% on the Big Thompson drainage.  That’s setting up for a decent water year but things can change fast if we don’t get spring snow.  The good news is our lake is full this spring because of all the winter snow.  Just a little FYI from the 2009 season we recorded 15.5 inches of rain from March to November.  I had to go back to 1999 to find a 15-inch rainfall year.  What a great year for growing turf! 

2010.  One of two projects that will start this spring is a drainage project on #13.  The main purpose is to re-direct water away from the patio home on the corner of 13-14. The second will be a small project on #15 to install a pipe and meter to measure water for the Weld School District sent through Ptarmigan.  Neither of these projects will result in expense to Ptarmigan but will be overseen by us.  Other projects for 2010 will be very minor.  We finished the long awaited restroom on the back nine and have the landscaping to install to complete that project.  We need to get a roof on the shelter that we moved from the restroom site but other than that it will be small projects and maintaining the course. 
Spring aeration will happen April 5 and 6.  We will use solid tines, to a depth of 10 to 12 inches and topdress in the usual fashion.  We will also aerate and overseed tees during this week.  This process will involve pulling cores, overseeding with rye grass and topdressing.  Fairway aeration will start as soon as weather allows and will take about 4 weeks. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on the links this year and would like to remind everyone to fix ball marks, stay on cart paths whenever possible, take a lesson for your outstanding pro shop staff, and have fun!

Scott D. Robbins, CGCS
Certified Golf Course Superintendent