Ptarmigan Country Club Fort Collins 80525 Tennis

Ptarmigan Country Club Fort Collins 80528 TennisPtarmigan Country Club Fort Collins 80525 Tennis
Dawn breaks and the sun rubs a sleeve across her venerable and tireless eyes.  She blinks and dusty, silver fairways are transformed into ribbons lush and green.  A young man rakes a greenside bunker and glances in the direction of the greens superintendent.  The boss inspects the green, then jots himself a note, a reminder to take a core sample and widen the green on the left.  He marks today’s hole location with a small, white dot from a spray can and the game of what ifs in the game of golf are set in motion with arbitrary indifference.  A doctor wrestles his golf clubs to the first tee.  He has just enough time to get in five holes before seeing his first patient.   The good doctor has been working on a new swing thought and booms a driver down the middle.  He comes up short with an iron shot then narrowly misses a superbly played chip shot.  If only the cup had been cut an inch or two to the left!  Is this a game of skill or luck?

The sun rockets into the midday sky, shedding light and warmth on souls, both young and old.  An eight-year old girl thoughtfully addresses her tee shot at the third, makes square contact, sending the ball on its way.  A foursome gathers in the Grill Room for lunch and some trash-talk prior to a round of golf.  The club champion works on his putting stroke and the Head Golf Pro attempts to correct a flawed swing.  Two walkers make their way to the tenth.  One spots his wife and young son at the pool, waives as junior dons arm-floaties and dives into the inviting water.

Gravity tugs and a weary sun gives way to dusk.  A college senior studies a long putt at the seventeenth.  She has been a guest of a family of members and will regale her classmates back at school of the fabulous experience and a putt she made to finish third.  A couple enjoys a glass of wine on the balcony.  They are treated to a dreamy view, the sun grasping at cumulus scarves, proper layering for the night ahead.  The wind picks up slightly from the west, blowing leaves across the driving range.  It has been a good day, a very good day.